Premium Wall Paint Beach Pebble

Origin of the colour

Beach Pebble

The north of France has unique characteristics. It is picturesque, calm and composed.

The regions beauty melts seamlessly into the landscape, wanting to be discovered.

Palm trees are situated on a bed of light-grey pebble stones. The warm pastel grey of the pebbles within the steep light of the midday sun dominate the entire atmosphere of this place and have a calming effect on the scene. It is BEACH PEBBLE.

Styling Tip

Beach Pebble

BEACH PEBBLE is a light, warm grey. The colour looks very natural and can be combined excellently with the shade CONTZEN WHITE. White door or window frames stand out from the background of BEACH PEBBLE and are emphasized stylishly. White furniture and light floors appear quite noble. Spot colours may be used to set selective accents.