Premium Wall Paint Coquille Grise

Origin of the colour

Coquille Grise

About 200 kilometres northwest of Paris. Here in the Calvados Départment in Normandy lies the seaside resort of Trouville Sur Mer. The very sound of the place's name elicits associations of style and noblesse. In fact, the small town has always been a meeting point for the upper class. At the viewpoint of Calvaire de la Corniche you can let the aura of the area sink in. Seashells are lying on the balustrade, the scenery seems like a painted still life. The warm grey shade of the shells is fascinating. It's COQUILLE GRISE.

Styling Tip

Coquille Grise

COQUILLE GRISE is a warm grey, that makes you feel homely. A great combination is the lighter grey tone OUD MUUR, just like the much darker shade BLACK BOARD. Furniture in bright colours can be combined eleganlty without seeming garish or too bold. COQUILLE GRISE has a neutral as well as modern attitude.