Premium Wall Paint Dark Teal

Origin of the colour

Dark Teal

When people think of England, they don't necessarily think of surfing straightaway. Unless it's Newquay you're talking about. This coastal town lies in one of the most remote regions of Great Britain and is the hotspot for all surfers on the island. The town with its various surf shops is shaped by this. But who would have thought of the wealth of colours this creates? Surf fins shine in the most diverse shades. A deep, powerful petrol tone represents the culture of surfing. It's DARK TEAL.

Styling Tip

Dark Teal

DARK TEAL is a petrol-blue-green colour that appears deep and magical. A major factor in forming this image is the strong matte surface. You can combine colours with style by using ochre or beige shades, e.g. INDIAN SUMMER or SABLES DE FRANCE. Furniture or accessories in these complementary shades can give an added boost to the impact of DARK TEAL.