Premium Wall Paint Dulcet Delft

Origin of the colour

Dulcet Delft

Where can you find colours typical of the west coast of Denmark? By the water of course. Anyone visiting a harbour should take a look at old fishing boats. Their colours fire your imagination. Just like the special blue of a boat hull that draws you in from a distance. At the bow of the ship, the blue emerges as a slightly reddish colour. It is reminiscent of a typical blue shade from the Netherlands: the blue of Delft ceramics. It's DULCET DELFT.

Styling Tip

Dulcet Delft

DULCET DELFT is a shade of blue with warm qualities. It makes an inviting, charming, almost folkloric impression on people. This shade transports your senses to the landscapes of Scandinavia, forming maritime associations. A classic NAVY BLUE or shades ranging between sand and ochre will round off the aesthetic. Antique furniture or accessories with vintage qualities will suit DULCET DELFT beautifully.