Premium Wall Paint Emaille Blue

Origin of the colour

Emaille Blue

Hvide Sande on the Danish west coast is a harbour town straight out of a picture book. Its location between extensive heath and impressive dune landscape attracts visitors en masse. Despite the fantastic nature, a look at the fishing huts is well worthwhile. Painted colourfully, but strongly weathered in parts, they spread plenty of charm. A small outside kitchen decorates one of the stalls. The kitchen utensils made of blue enamel are no longer in use, but valuable nontheless. Their rust stained shade is inspiring. It's EMAILLE BLUE.

Styling Tip

Emaille Blue

EMAILLE BLUE is a blue made with a small amount of yellow and reduced luminosity. As a result, the shade is not dominant, but nobly reserved. It draws attention to wooden materials and natural tones without overshadowing them. EMAILLE BLUE is anything but a simple blue.