Premium Wall Paint Fleur de Loire

Origin of the colour

Fleur de Loire

France, la "grande nation". Its pride is particularly tangible along the Loire and her tributaries. As this is where over 400 historic castles are located. They represent all epochs of European art history. The gardens of the castle complexes are often marbled with rose bushes whose flowers have wonderfully pastel-coloured petals. The colour spectrum between young buds and fainted flower petals is versatile. One colour tone stands out in all this diversity. It's FLEUR DE LOIRE.

Styling Tip

Fleur de Loire

FLEUR DE LOIRE is pure romance. This colour's special feature is its mild, earthy tone. It seems more sophisticated in comparison to other pink shades. It has a classic appearance but still allows a crossover with modern furnishing elements. The related shade SALT RED, with its somewhat darker tone level, is a perfect combination.