Premium Wall Paint Fucsia de Como

Origin of the colour

Fucsia de Como

Como. Nearly 50 kilometres north of Milan lies this historical city which is well worth visiting. Next to the lake bearing the same name are the region's enticing vineyards. A small unassuming chapel decorates the roadside. As if it was meant to provide a contrast to the flaking rendering, a floral arrangement has been put in the small place of worship. The flowers present themselves in various red-violet shades. They have a magical aura in the shallow afternoon sun in front of the patinated wall. It's FUCSIA DE COMO.

Styling Tip

Fucsia de Como

FUCSIA DE COMO is an intense, but not harsh shade. Due to its highly complex composition it is very hard to describe. However,if you stand in front of a FUCSIA DE COMO coloured wall you will notice its special features. FUCSIA DE COMO is warm, striking, and conveys a certain allure.