Premium Wall Paint Indian Summer

Origin of the colour

Indian Summer

The Danish west coast is a special place for nature lovers. The landscape draws them in with many attractions. This is why the Danish poet Thomas Lange called this region adventure land. It's an extraordinary experience to see the sunset in late autumn - when the low evening sun brushes the stone blocks on a beach pier. It's as if the yellowy moss on the grey blocks is put in the spotlight. The result is an almost golden coloured tone. It's INDIAN SUMMER.

Styling Tip

Indian Summer

INDIAN SUMMER embodies a warm and sunny autumn day. This colour has radiance and energy, though it also seamlessly connects with nature. Being a bluish-grey, LE CHAT GRIS is its perfect neutral pairing. DEEP ATLANTIC is a shade that offers a fantastic counterbalance. With its creamy and light yellow colour, ICE VAN is compatible with INDIAN SUMMER.