Premium Wall Paint Juicy Pomelo

Origin of the colour

Juicy Pomelo

Lago di Ligano. This northern Italian lake offers so many magnificent impressions that there is a great danger of overlooking some of them; especially if they lay waiting in unexpected places - a paddle boat hire for instance. The effect that the rays of the autumn sun conjure onto the likewise yellow-painted boats is remarkable. The intense yellow of the coating created a romantic picture of past times onto the blue-green water. This intense and juicy yellow touches and seduces. It's JUICY POMELO.

Styling Tip

Juicy Pomelo

Raw energy: that's JUICY POMELO. This bright citrus colour gives a bold, modern and artistic look. With its dynamic nature, this shade cannot coexist next to too many colourful competitors in the same space. In context to black, white and grey tones, however, it creates an extremely design-orientated and breathtaking effect. Pictures or accessories in black-white contrasts will complete the room's concept.