Premium Wall Paint Milk and Honey

Origin of the colour

Milk and Honey

Sale booths characterize the image of the French beach promenades. They lure passing people with Crepes, waffles and ice cream. Colourful signs and illustrations enhance the charm of the offered products. Sometimes just the colour of the booth is enough to cast a spell on people. Like a booth, with vanilla-yellow coloured walls which fitted the paradisiac product range perfectly. It is a shade that expresses our wish of untroubled indulgence. It is MILK AND HONEY.

Styling Tip

Milk and Honey

MILK AND HONEY is a very warm, pastel yellow that appears almost appetising. TERRA DE SIENA may be combined as an additional warm shade. Dark furniture and floors or stone material give the colour combination a classic or Mediterranean touch. Both shades are a good choice for rooms that are supposed to create a feeling of cosiness, like living rooms or dining rooms.