Premium Wall Paint Moutarde Verte

Origin of the colour

Moutarde Verte

A journey through France's inland is always an excursion for the senses. Its wealth of colours is impressive. And it is not always nature's creation. A clay pot manufacture displays on the edge of the road. The varnishes show so many colourful shades that it forces you to stop. What a source of inspiration. One clay dish stands out, because it reminds us that uniqueness can also be rooted in colour - just as in this wonderful yellow-green shade. It's MOUTARDE VERTE.

Styling Tip

Moutarde Verte

MOUTARDE VERTE is a colour shade that is hard to describe in words. Yet one look at this colour on a wall will give you a truly special and lasting impression. The shade is intense and calming at the same time. It radiates tranquility, sophistication, and natural character. Black and white can be incorporated to highlight MOUTARDE VERTE and intensify its impact. Combining it with natural materials will complete the aesthetic.