Premium Wall Paint Old Absinth

Origin of the colour

Old Absinth

On the ourskirts of Soulac in France. An obviously vacant, run-down villa lines the way. But it is particularly appealing especially because it hasn't recieved any attention for so long. It is completely weathered and therefore discoloured. Anyone who takes a seat on the patio of this house will quickly realise: The seed for the new lies in impermanence. The green railing has faded to such an extent that it creates a new shade, one of virtually wonderful paleness. It's OLD ABSINTH.

Styling Tip

Old Absinth

OLD ABSINTH is a delicate yellow-green colour conveying a bright and fresh atmosphere. A combination with black and white can spread the colour's effect perfectly. A small number of red accents in the room will work as a flattering counterbalance. Large and heavily green-leaf indoor plants can add a harmonious colour backdrop in the form of OLD ABSINTH.