Premium Wall Paint Old Tile

Origin of the colour

Old Tile

Not only nature reconquers places - sometimes colours do too. Lars Contzen made this discovery during a journey through England. In the hallway of his old business premises, his gaze fell on the stairs that led to the ground floor. The material fought its way to emerge through the worn-out black floor paint. It was paved with antiquated reddish and creamy white tiles in a chessboard pattern. It is OLD TILE.

Styling Tip

Old Tile

OLD TILE is a magnificent shade of red with muted intensity, giving it a subdued, classic, and elegant appearance. A colour highly suitable as a complementary balance is BOUTEILLE Á LA MER. Contrast-rich black or white skirting boards between the wall and floor will emphasise the elegant aesthetic. DUSTY PORCELAIN is a pleasant accompaniment for surrounding walls.