Premium Wall Paint Prima Vera

Origin of the colour

Prima Vera

Rhine Falls of Schaffhausen in Switzerland. A sunny spring day is the best time to witness this impressive natural spectacle. This is the time when it isn't just the crushing water masses that provide inspiration. In fact, the whole area is immersed in an interesting play of colours. The adjacent castle, Schloss Laufen, is a protagonist. The spring sun depicts the green of the folding shutters so pleasantly that it immediately catches your attention. A shade as warm and soft as spring. It's PRIMA VERA.

Styling Tip

Prima Vera

PRIMA VERA is a fresh and very natural colour that is able to give spaces a calming atmosphere. MORNING MELON is a colour that works well with it and can be introduced as a darker accompaniment. The slightly creamy colour ICE VAN blends flawlessly with the two shades of green. White skirting boards bring out the green's freshness and achieve a stylish look.