Premium Wall Paint Strawberry Cream

Origin of the colour

Strawberry Cream

Hourtin Plage. This French seaside resort was made for magical moments. The park facilities with their wooden tables invite you into a casual and unpretentious togetherness. They were once colourful, but the flaking varnish layer pays tribute to time. As Lars Contzen set his ice cream aside, he created a charming still life for himself. He then captured the colour. As this colour reminds of the magic captured in a special moment. It's STRAWBERRY CREAM.

Styling Tip

Strawberry Cream

STRAWBERRY CREAM is a dynamic, upbeat shade that excudes a lighthearted spirit. To balance the colour in a classy way you can part the wall horizontally and add a neutral shade of grey. BEACH PEBBLE is a light grey tone which is an excellent combination to offset this colour. White bases and skirting boards can be used to separate STRAWBERRY CREAM from the neighbouring colours, thus adding structure and calmness.