Premium Wall Paint Agave Nobile

Origin of the colour

Agave Nobile

On the Italian side of Lago di Lugano, steep rocks paint the picture. Many wild growing agaves grow up these rock faces. The two shades of green of the agave are particularly emphasised on the underground of the grey stone. The brighter of the two greens moves in a colour range between a creamy yellow and a yellow-green. This particular shade is reminiscent of the name of the plant derived from Greek agavos: noble, splendid, sublime. It is this very charm that radiates from this shade of green. It's AGAVE NOBILE.


Agave Nobile

Styling Tip

Agave Nobile

AGAVE NOBILE is an extraordinary, slightly yellow with a green cast. The colour appears very natural and inspiring. A combination with dark woods sets an exciting contrast in the room. The shade goes very well with DARK AUBERGINE, VIOLET IMPULSE and CONTZEN WHITE.