Premium Wall Paint Antiek Groen

Origin of the colour

Antiek Groen

Zaanse Schans in the Netherlands. This place is probably the oldest industrial area in the country - and also a tourist magnet. Due to its wonderful old windmills and historical small factory buildings, it embodies Holland. The history here not only reflected in the buildings, but also in the colours. Where the green painted wood facade of an old building meets the typical light of the region, a unique colour tone is created. It's ANTIEK GROEN.

Styling Tip

Antiek Groen

ANTIEK GROEN is a slightly blue-tinged green colour with a medium hue. Both warm and cool elements come together in this colour. Setting it alongside black or white furniture creates rooms full of character with a distinct style. BLUE CLOUD, a slightly off-blue shade, is a smooth match to accompany it.