Premium Wall Paint Blue Cloud

Origin of the colour

Blue Cloud

England and picnics just fit together. Nowhere else is eating outside celebrated with such grace. Lars Contzen made use of a sunny day on the west coast to prepare such a meal on a blue-painted picnic bench. That's when he discovered something astonishing. The aged blue of the coating shone in combination with the sunlight onto the many colourful souvenirs. It made an impact reminiscent of the aesthetics of old cinema movies. This is what nostalgia feels like. It's BLUE CLOUD.

Styling Tip

Blue Cloud

BLUE CLOUD is a slightly off-blue shade. It has an authentic natural look, capturing the colours of the sky. The connection with nature is strengthened when combined with shades of beige or brown. Distinctive wood grains can turn into stylish eye-catchers in a room when set against this blue.