Premium Wall Paint Blue Planks

Origin of the colour

Blue Planks

On a promenade below the Gironde estuary in France. Wood-panelled seating surfaces invite passengers to hang around. They are attached to the beach wall. What strikes you is the planks' blue coating. It's a pure and natural looking shade that fits in seamlessly with the context of sand, sea and water. This tone represents a summery beach scene. If there is a blue that reminds us of a life at the sea, this is it. It's BLUE PLANKS.

Styling Tip

Blue Planks

BLUE PLANKS is a shade that emits a joyous atmosphere. You may associate it with holidays, water or the blue sky. In combination with light wood, it immediately makes you think of a beach scene in the summertime. To finish setting the stage for the room, you can use small red accents to round off the colour spectrum.