Premium Wall Paint Bouteille à la Mer

Origin of the colour

Bouteille à la Mer

The ocean allows our mind to wander and fires our imagination. Every small item catches our attention. Even a small piece of broken glass. Luckily. Because this is how we discover new colours. The green shard of glass probably comes from an old wine bottle. But has been exposed to the influences of the elements for a long time: sand & water. These made the piece of glass dull and cloudy. A milky and broken green emerged. A beautiful shade. It is BOUTEILLE À LA MER.

Styling Tip

Bouteille à la Mer

BOUTEILLE À LA MER is a broken green that represents tranquillity and sovereignty. The shade VIEUX BORDEAUX serves as a perfect counterpart. Different red shades in general are ideal for setting selective contrasts. Grey or beige colours in combination reduce the impact of the colour play.