Premium Wall Paint Danish Cottage

Origin of the colour

Danish Cottage

What is typical for Scandinavia? Colours. The people set a spot of colour in the already magnificent nature with wooden houses in all kinds of different colours. This doesnt create a counterbalance, the buildings actually create their very own touching harmony. They are coloured but not too colourful. Why does this wealth of colour create such a classy impression? The shades aren't too bright, but broken. Therefore the colours correspond with the people's reserved characters. This green is expressive but not aggressive and at the same time reserved. It is DANISH COTTAGE.

Styling Tip

Danish Cottage

DANISH COTTAGE is a slightly broken, darker green shade. It is possible to combine additional shades with it, also complementary ones. Yet, these colours should be heavily broken to prevent the room from appearing gaudy. Combined with larger areas of CONTZEN WHITE the room remains bright and inviting. Light floors and white furniture also go well with it.