Premium Wall Paint Deep Atlantic

Origin of the colour

Deep Atlantic

The ocean is the world's largest reservoir of colour shades. Many factors influence this large colour spectrum. The sun, clouds, wind, waves and seasons always create new compositons. They determine how we view the ocean in each moment. On a clear, calm summers day with hardly any waves the Atlantic conjures beautiful colours: a deep and intense blue-ish turquoise. This colour has soul. It has depth and creates width. It is DEEP ATLANTIC.

Premium Wall Paint

Deep Atlantic

Colour Code · 08.900.M

The colourcourage emulsion paint "DEEP ATLANTIC" is an exciting, dark petrol shade. Surface finish: Matt. Litre capacity: 2.5 L for up to 30 m².

Premium Form

Wandleiste CR01

Artikelcode · WL.CR01.Z

The colourcourage wall strip "CR01" is made of PU hard foam (primed). Dimensions: L 2 mx H 105 mm x D 40 mm.

Premium Form

Fußbodenleiste BB07

Artikelcode · FL.BB07.Z

The colourcourage baseboard "BB07" is smooth and made of polystyrene (primed). Dimensions: L 2 m x H 70 mm x D 18 mm.


Deep Atlantic

Styling Tip

Deep Atlantic

DEEP ATLANTIC is an exciting, dark petrol shade that should be used moderately. A nice, contrasty counterpart to it is the colour SALT RED. Anthracite shades like BLACK BOARD neutralize the colour play. Combined with larger areas of CONTZEN WHITE the room remains bright and inviting. White door or window frames stand out of DEEP ATLANTIC elegantly. Light floors and light wooden furniture also suit it well.