Premium Wall Paint Dusty Porcelain

Origin of the colour

Dusty Porcelain

Even the most unassuming place in the middle of France can be an institution for culture. Like the old warehouse with an old metal sign, reading "Brocante". A big pool of all kinds of antiques was collected here over decades. A celebration of colours. A celebration of senses. This was especially portrait with porcelain dishes. Eventhough uneventful, old and dusty it reveals a lot of emotion. This shade portraits history, elegance and beauty. It is DUSTY PORCELAIN.

Premium Wall Paint

Dusty Porcelain

Colour Code · 18.075.M

The colourcourage emulsion paint "DUSTY PORCELAIN" is a shade, ranging between grey, yellow and white. Surface finish: Matt. Litre capacity: 2.5 L for up to 30 m².

Premium Form

Wandleiste CR04

Artikelcode · WL.CR04.Z

The colourcourage wall strip "CR04" is made of polystyrene (primed). Dimensions: L 2 m x H 40 mm x D 20 mm.

Premium Form

Fußbodenleiste BB02

Artikelcode · FL.BB02.Z

The colourcourage baseboard "BB02" is smooth and made of polystyrene (primed). Dimensions: L 2 m x H 100 mm x D 40 mm.


Mélodie à l'Accordeon

Artikelcode · AS.34123-5.T


Dusty Porcelain

Styling Tip

Dusty Porcelain

DUSTY PORCELAIN is a shade difficult to define, ranging between grey, yellow and white. It makes living areas seem warm and cosy without darkening them too much. Larger wall surfaces or entire spaces can be painted with it easily, without giving the room a boring look. It is also possible, though, to combine it with additional pastel shades, as DUSTY PORCELAIN plays a moderating role in that context.