Premium Wall Paint Ice Van

Origin of the colour

Ice Van

Somewhere in the southwest of England. As its often the case in this area, striking colours and shapes break through the dull scenery on rainy days. This time it was a cream-yellow coloured ice cream van. It wasn't just the will to defy the bad weather that gave it its likeable coating. It was the whole picture of nature, man and machine. And of course the irresistible colour of the vehicle: pure sympathy. It's a shade that belongs to the colour system. It's ICE VAN.

Styling Tip

Ice Van

ICE VAN is a creamy yellow colour that is very easy on the eye and by no means harsh. This colour reminds slightly of 1950s colour schemes, although it is more powerful than contemporary pastel tones. ICE VAN can be combined ideally with vintage style features and is suitable for rooms intended to convey dynamics and vitality.