Premium Wall Paint Kumquat Arancio

Origin of the colour

Kumquat Arancio

Gandira, on the waterfront of the Luganer Lake. This village has remained untouched for decades and is very romantic and nostalgic. It immediately comes clear who is in charge. It is nature. You can hardly escape it's charm, it is too powerful. Like the intense orange colour of Kumquats. Infront of the blueish scenery of lakes and mountains, the colour is intensified. The colour shade is full of liveliness and dynamic. It is one of the most intense shades within this collection. A colour that invites you to enjoy life to the fullest. It is KUMQUAT ARANCIO.

Premium Wall Paint

Kumquat Arancio

Colour Code · 02.150.M

The colourcourage emulsion paint "KUMQUAT ARANCIO" is one of the most luminous colours of the collection. Surface finish:Matt. Litre capacity: 2.5 L for up to 30 m².

Premium Form

Fußbodenleiste BB10

Artikelcode · FL.BB10.Z

The colourcourage baseboard "BB10" is smooth and made of polystyrene (primed). Dimensions: L 2 m x H 100 mm x D 15 mm.


Kumquat Arancio

Styling Tip

Kumquat Arancio

KUMQUAT ARANCIO is one of the most luminous colours of the collection. It transports a lot of energy and triggers dynamic, however, it should be used moderately. A cool, but not too colourful counterpart establishes the necessary balance in the room. GREEN SUBMARINE includes complementary colour portions and is therefore a good combination. BEACH PEBBLE and CONTZEN WHITE are quite neutral tones that concurrently build up tranquillity.