Premium Wall Paint Lime Cream

Origin of the colour

Lime Cream

North of Biarritz in France, near a surfing beach. A staircase leads down to the sandy beach. The railing is stained. And the green spray colour does not cover much. The brightness of the green has obviously been lost on the sucking wooden floor. Here, however, the double negative has been turned into a positive. The natural shade of the wood beams and in combination with the light green paint colour forms a new shade. And this new shade fits wonderfully into the backdrop of the lively beach. This is what you call colourful. It's LIME CREAM.


Lime Cream

Styling Tip

Lime Cream

LIME CREAM is a very fresh, motivating shade that seems slightly creamy and therefore does not appear bold. An exciting complementary tone to it is SALT RED. It has a similar creamy character that combines well. Larger areas of CONTZEN WHITE give the room light and tranquillity. To prevent the room from appearing gaudy, the colours of furniture and floor should preferably be neutral.