Premium Wall Paint Morning Melon

Origin of the colour

Morning Melon

A journey in search of the perfect colour constantly leads you to products of nature. Many of which, we should be familiar with - if we would be aware of them. Just like the colour of a watermelon. A shopping basket on a bike can help. This forced Lars Contzen to constantly look at the water melon. This is how he discovered this interesting dark green shade. With all its attraction. It is a fresh colour that is so familiar to us and still suprises with freshness. It is MORNING MELON.

Premium Wall Paint

Morning Melon

Colour Code · 12.825.M

The colourcourage emulsion paint "MORNING MELON" is a dark, expressive green. Surface finish: Matt. Litre capacity: 2.5 L for up to 30 m².

Premium Form

Fußbodenleiste BB09

Artikelcode · FL.BB09.Z

The colourcourage baseboard "BB09" is smooth and made of polystyrene (primed). Dimensions: L 2 m x H 38 mm x D 13 mm.


Morning Melon

Styling Tip

Morning Melon

MORNING MELON is a dark, expressive green that may dominate rooms distinctively. Above all, it represents tranquillity and sovereignty. The stylish touch of the colour elegantly emphasizes classical furniture or any kind of vintage furniture. A great combination is the colour LE CHAT GRIS. This may have a neutralizing effect, without taking MORNING MELON its expressiveness. Dark or veined woods in addition, such as rosewood or zebrano, may complete the picture.