Premium Wall Paint Newquay Blue

Origin of the colour

Newquay Blue

Newquay, a coastal town in the county of Cornwall. Fishing has played a big role in the town's history. These days, tourism is the most important source of income, but the harbour is a must-see. Fishing weirs for catching lobsters shape the scene. These are stacked at the harbour wall. The blue shade of their frame construction is prominent. Salt water, sun and wear have transformed the original colour into a new blue. A natural, true blue that is linked to the landscape. It's NEWQUAY BLUE.

Styling Tip

Newquay Blue

NEWQUAY BLUE is a striking blue with traces of a slight petrol tint. WATER FALL is a shade that can be combined beautifully. The two shades can create a stunning blue-green interaction. If earthy tones such as a DUSTY PORCELAIN or a COQUILLE GRISE are added to the mix, the combined colour scheme evokes all manners of landscape scenery. Black furniture can strike an impressive contrast.