Premium Wall Paint Ortensia Rossa

Origin of the colour

Ortensia Rossa

A small mountain village in Switzerland. Here there is no lack of sensations. The extensive flora makes sure of this. How wonderful the shade of hydrangea can be. They only show their full effect when placed in a colour contrast. A large hydrangea bush in front of a small historic villa, which façades are a terracotta shade. The warm violet-red of the flowers, combined with the earthy wall, produced an almost fairy-tale image in the light of the high midday sun. A shade that enchants. It's ORTENSIA ROSSA.


Ortensia Rossa

Styling Tip

Ortensia Rossa

ORTENSIA ROSSA is a red-violet shade borrowed from nature that has a very dynamic effect and gives walls great expressiveness. The shade should not be applied throughout the room, but should only be used moderately. For this reason, flanking colours are recommendable. BEACH PEBBLE, for instance, serves as the ideal basic colour in this context. As another warm shade TERRA DIE SIENA is combinable, too. Natural wooden and stone materials complete the picture sophisticatedly.