Premium Wall Paint Oud Muur

Origin of the colour

Oud Muur

Utrecht. A trip through the city centre draws attention to two specific characteristics of Dutch towns. There are many cafes and bars - and none obey any conventions. Often, a peek through a window pane is enough. The strongly patinated surface of the wall in the guestroom is a sign of originality. It's a chaotic interaction between raw brickwork, different plaster layers and various paintings. But such colour nuances tell us a story. Liveliness also expresses itself through colour. It's OUD MUUR.

Styling Tip

Oud Muur

OUD MUUR brings warmth to every room while still reflecting a large amount of light. It is an elegant but subtle colour and provides a stylish background especially for wall decorations and pictures. White skirting boards complement this colour exceptionally well, because the subtle contrast with a pure white really brings the shade to life. Harmonious combinations can be achieved by using other shades such as MORNING MELON or WATER FALL.