Premium Wall Paint Pine Clay

Origin of the colour

Pine Clay

In the pine woods of France, resin tappers still use a traditional method to extract resin from trees. They hang cone-shaped clay pots from the trunks of the trees and the bark of the pines above the pots is removed. From the exposed areas, the gooey material drops into the containers. It's remarkable how harmoniously the two natural materials clay and wood merge - in colour particularly. Nature is very much noticable in this warm shade. It's PINE PLAY.

Styling Tip

Pine Clay

PINE CLAY is a warm and earthy shade with a natural charm. It is ideal for combining with lively wood structures or terracotta materials. If you want to work with subtle contrasts, LE CHAT GRIS is a cool toned grey colour that can create a gentle and complementary contrast in the room. Colours such as RUSTY STEEL and DUSTY PORCELAIN make for a harmonious companionship.