Premium Wall Paint Pomme de Pin

Origin of the colour

Pomme de Pin

The French Atlantic coast. Many campsites invite you to enjoy the beauty and atmosphere of the region as naturally as possible. Tall pine trees line the sites. Majestically, they tower into the sky. These trees can live for up to 250 years and they have been regarded as a symbol of life since antiquity. From time to time the intensely green cones fall from the branches. Their naturally rich green shade is fascinating. It is a shade that represents the shade of the vegetation of this area. It's POMME DE PIN.


Pomme de Pin

Styling Tip

Pomme de Pin

POMME DE PIN is a vital green that is full of energy. It allows the design of very expressive and striking rooms. Yet, the shade should not be applied throughout the room, but should only be used moderately. For this reason, flanking colours are recommendable. SABLES DE FRANCE, for example, is a good companion. CONTZEN WHITE as a basic colour is the right choice for larger areas. The colour composition fits to a modern, design-oriented style of furnishing.