Premium Wall Paint Rope Green

Origin of the colour

Rope Green

Brittany. France's largest peninsula greets its visitors with long beaches and rough rocky shores. And anyone whose glance sweeps through the bays of the Atlantic, will discover how poetic nature can represent itself. There's a ball of washed up greenish linen, obviously from a fishing net. The varying thickness caused the linen material to age at different extents. A finely nuanced spectrum of turquoise shades has been created. One of these shows just how beautiful this colour can be. It's ROPE GREEN.

Styling Tip

Rope Green

ROPE GREEN conjures a special something in your room. The shade is particularly innovative and therefore is the ideal fit for a modern living style. Shades of grey and brown, along with wooden flooring, will create a stylish look. Small red accents make ROPE GREEN even livelier. However it should continue to be the room's visual focus and in terms of colour it should not be confronted with too many other colours.