Premium Wall Paint Rusty Steel

Origin of the colour

Rusty Steel

The width of the French Atlantic coast. It's a sublime feeling to stand on the peak of the dune and to gaze out on the sea. But what if the low tide has moved it far away? And instead, your gaze meets a steel basin that must be completely under the water surface at high tide? You spot a massive rust layer that was created by the eternal turn of the tide. The intensity of this shade is simply fascinating. It's RUSTY STEEL.

Styling Tip

Rusty Steel

RUSTY STEEL is a warm and brilliant, brown-red shade. It is particularly suitable for spaces that embody a cozy atmosphere. INDIAN SUMMER is a compatible colour combination. If you wish to moderate the colour interplay, you can do so by including different shades of grey around the room. Additionally, DUSTY PORCELAIN is a beautiful and neutral colour accompaniment.