Premium Wall Paint Shell Beach

Origin of the colour

Shell Beach

The beaches of Cornwall in the south west of England invite you on long walks. Those who take in the landscape and climate, often fail to notice how the ground can change beneath ones feet. Step by step the sand becomes less in some sections, as the amount of shells increases - until the beach consists almost completely of shells. The various specimens create an impressive play of colours made of countless light-brown nuances. A beautiful experience. It's SHELL BEACH.

Styling Tip

Shell Beach

SHELL BEACH is a pastel-coloured brown shade that reflects warm light. Since the colour is derived from nature, natural materials such as wood furniture, wooden floors, or simple cottons blend together harmoniously. The light colour MILK AND HONEY is an outstanding combination choice. As a warm-tinged grey shade, COQUILLE GRISE can be used as a more neutrally-coloured accent.