Premium Wall Paint Terra de Siena

Origin of the colour

Terra de Siena

Italy. A country that evokes thousands of associations but is not easy to describe. What colour do you associate with Italy? Maybe those of the many classic facades. They bear the warm orange-brown shade that is produced from natural colour pigments. Originally, pigments were used exclusively from the soil around the Sienese region. Anyone who travels through Italy will also discover countless other facades. But no other shade conveys as much patina as this one. It's TERRA DE SIENA.


Terra de Siena

Styling Tip

Terra de Siena

TERRA DE SIENA is a warm orange-brown that has a natural and classic effect at the same time. It spreads a Mediterranean feeling and can be beautifully combined with varied shades of brown or wood. Stone surfaces fit in well, too. As a complementary colour, BOUTEILLE A LA MER is recommendable.