Premium Wall Paint Vieux Bordeaux

Origin of the colour

Vieux Bordeaux

On a cycle path along the coast towards Bordeaux. Like a mute chronicler of the scenery, an old coin-operated telescope stands at the edge of the path. It is not there to observe, but to allow others to observe. In fact, it sparks interest. Its intense red shade puts the device in the limelight charmingly. The shade between cherry red and bordeaux is appropriate for the surroundings. It has style and creates a good connection between machine and authenticity. A shade that looks classy and stylishly conveys a vintage attitude. It's VIEUX BORDEAUX.


Vieux Bordeaux

Styling Tip

Vieux Bordeaux

VIEUX BORDEAUX is an intense, dark cherry-red. The shade is very classical and gives surfaces a striking effect. Yet, it should not be applied throughout the room, but used moderately. For this reason, flanking colours are recommendable. DUSTY PORCELAIN, for example, serves as a good basic colour in that context. As a complementary colour, BOUTEILLE A LA MER is quite suitable, as well.