Premium Wall Paint Wild Pistachio

Origin of the colour

Wild Pistachio

Gironde, north of Bordeaux. Small cottages stand in the sandy underground of a dune. This offers a great place to relax. And it's an even better place to learn more about colours. Because here it is very noticable that nature extends the colour spectrum even further. The facades were painted green. But only in combination with the wooden walls, sun and sea this unique shade was created. A green shade, similar to a pistachio that simultaneously seems exotic and confiding. It is WILD PISTACHIO.

Premium Wall Paint

Wild Pistachio

Colour Code · 10.225.M

The colourcourage emulsion paint "WILD PISTACHIO" is a light, broken turquois. Surface finish: Matt. Litre capacity: 2.5 L for up to 30 m².

Premium Form

Fußbodenleiste BB10

Artikelcode · FL.BB10.Z

The colourcourage baseboard "BB10" is smooth and made of polystyrene (primed). Dimensions: L 2 m x H 100 mm x D 15 mm.


Ageless Meander

Artikelcode · AS.34124-3.T


Wild Pistachio

Styling Tip

Wild Pistachio

WILD PISTACHIO is a light, broken turquois. The colour has a very soothing and natural effect. As a complementary counterpart, SALT RED in combination achieves a harmonious colour tone. Being a colourless shade, BEACH PEBBLE may specifically neutralize the overall effect. CONTZEN WHITE may flank well as a basic colour. White furniture and light wooden floors are good companions.